OM1000 Fast Raiding Craft
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Fast Patrol Craft

The Orange Marine - Fast Patrol Craft are great (para-)military patrol craft designed and build to be Unsinkable and Indestructible, allowing for a fair bit of abuse by its users whilst having a lifespan well above similar patrol craft build out of steel, aluminium or composites.

The FPC are designed and build to meet local statutory requirements such as AMSA, MCA, USCG or equal. Optionally larger models can be build to Bureau Veritas classification.

The hull plating is from High Density Poly Ethylene, with solid plates of up to 20 mm on side, bottom and deck plating, and up to 40 mm for the transom. In strategic areas double skinned honeycomb HDPE panels are used to increase stiffness and reduce weight. Fuel tanks are made from roto-moulded or fabricated HDPE, and are placed inside a spill containment box.

The FPC are equipped with voids, filled with buoyancy foam, enabling the boat to retain positive stability even in damaged condition and allowing the crew and passengers to return to a safe haven.

Another great feature of HDPE is that it does not require painting, naturally repels marine growth, does not corrode and has an excellent life span of up to 40+ years. HDPE also allows for easy repair, even in remote locations and by semi-skilled labour.

Orange Marine Fast Patrol Craft can be equipped with a variety of propulsion solutions such as petrol and diesel outboard engines, diesel sterndrives, waterjet propeller solutions, meeting our clients specific requirements.

Sturdy and Robust, Indestructible, Build to Last.